We are aware that nowadays a company needs to provide more than just a job for its employees. That’s why we want to provide people with a working environment in which they can perform tasks that require them to concentrate, that’s why we offer certified acoustic solutions that will reduce the noise level, especially in open-space spaces.

We solve the reduction of distractors in the space in several ways. The first most important factor, which costs almost nothing, is zoning the openspace to create a zone for phone calls, for formal and informal meetings, a zone for focused work, etc.


Microoffice solutions

This possibility is provided by the use of a range of acoustic Mikrooffice solutions. We can make fully enclosed modular offices according to your ideas and requirements for size, nature of use or number of users. Standard solutions include a telephone booth, a focus room, and a small meeting room for 2-8 people. The room is ventilated by a powerful fan that blows fresh air into the space. An elegant wooden frame with a rubber seal ensures perfect soundproofing and privacy in the entire Microoffice range.

Propagation of sound in space

Absorption panels

In order to spread the sound in the office as little as possible, we recommend our customers a wide range of design absorption panels intended for installation on the wall or ceiling. To achieve the ideal effect, it is important to place the panels correctly and also to achieve the right ratio between the absorbent (soft) and reflective (hard) surfaces.

Acoustics is a complex science and therefore we approach it with all seriousness. To make your investment in acoustic solutions as effective as possible, we will be happy to provide you with acoustic measurements of the space, modeling of individual solutions and final measurements after the implementation of the given solutions.



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