Partition walls

We create turnkey space for our clients. If you want to leave the space bright and open, but need to create acoustically separated rooms, you will definitely be interested in the option of glazed walls. The thin aluminum profiles are almost invisible and the glass connected by a translucent plastic profile ensures elegance and at the same time prevents the transmission of sound up to the level of 42.5 dB. We will deliver aluminum profiles in any color and adapt the glass according to your wishes using a semi-transparent film.

Glazed partitions

Original system solutions

We offer a system solution where we have thought of most situations, so we can connect a single-glazed partition to a double-glazed one, place different types of doors or build different elements into profiles.

Privacy first

Shades, blinds, foils

Built-in or surface shading is also a matter of course - blinds controlled electrically or manually can also be placed inside the partition, between two panes of glass. Privacy can also be ensured by using a special foil that changes from clear to milky and vice versa by pressing a button.