Storage space

In our portfolio, you will find all storage space solutions for offices, shops, or public spaces. For private things and putting off the operative from the table, you will appreciate the large selection of mobile containers of different sizes, layouts and of course decors. All containers are equipped with universal wheels for all types of floors. We offer all-metal containers, as well as a more affordable alternative in chipboard with plastic or metal drawers with quiet access.

Storage spaces

Variability of space

Office cabinets for drawers of various heights with one, two, three or even six shelves. A wide selection of doors and handles will satisfy any design and functional requirements. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate choice.

Modern solutions

Locker sets

The increasing trend of a paper-less policy calls for an efficient storage space solution. In particular, as a replacement for classic mobile containers, we increasingly use the so-called locker sets. Each employee is assigned one locker for personal belongings, and it is often the only storage space they need in the entire office. A locker measuring 45×45 cm is completely sufficient. We offer sets with a key lock, numeric code or even a chip card. A popular feature is the cut-out on the door for dropping in the mail.

Of course, we can customize any product according to your wishes. You can find an offer of typical storage elements in the Frezza catalog.