The desk is the basic building block of every office. Most of us spend long hours a day on it and need to create our own system that we can rely on.

But what is important when choosing an office desk? In addition to the strength and stability of the table, practicality is important when moving, changing the layout or storing.

Variations of solutions

Dynamic solutions

Nowadays, flexibility is important, companies are more dynamic, they change the nature of their focus, the composition of media teams, they change spaces. That's why we offer table bases that you can fold and unfold without changing anything. That's why it's important to have a systemic solution. All our work tables are composed of an aluminum base connected under the table top by longitudinal beams that ensure stability. The board then only forms a working surface and can therefore be made of any material, even glass.

Wide range of materials

Processing quality

We offer our clients a wide range of table bases. You can choose from a range of executive desks of various designs and finishes, meeting tables that can be connected and extended or shortened at will, and of course standard desks on separate or combined bases that will not burden your budget and at the same time meet strict criteria for comfortable and ergonomic work. . For selected models and colors, we can guarantee express delivery within two weeks of ordering.

You can find all lines of office desks in the partners section - Frezza.