Exterior furniture

The furniture offer would not be complete without furniture for the terrace, balcony and garden. Exclusive solutions for the most demanding are offered by the Varaschin brand, which doesn't skimp on quality materials designed specifically for the exterior, whether it's a choice of exotic wood or a combination of artificial rattan and special Dryfeel mattresses that let water through and you can sit on them immediately after the rain.

Exterior design

Design and cheap solutions

If you are looking for a design and cheap solution, be sure not to overlook the offer of metal or all-plastic armchairs, chairs and sofas made in Italy by Gaber and Nardi.

Propagation of sound in space

Absorption panels

In order for the sound in the office to spread as little as possible, we recommend our customers a wide range of design absorption panels intended for installation on the wall or ceiling. In order to achieve the ideal effect, it is important to place the panels correctly and also to achieve the correct ratio between the absorption (soft) and reflective (hard) surfaces.

Acoustics is a complex science and therefore we approach it with all seriousness. To make your investment in acoustic solutions as effective as possible, we will gladly provide you with acoustic measurement of the space, modeling of individual solutions and final measurement after the implementation of the given solutions.

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